8 Best Freestanding Ice Makers 2022 【Ranked】

 Running out of ice can ruin a perfectly planned party or dinner. 

Ice becomes our favorite snack in the summer season & even the winters too as it refreshes us in no time, either an iced tea, iced coffee, or sunburn wound. Perfect ice is the dream of everyone surviving in the scorching heat.

 Our Ice Makers list has it all. 

The ice maker is here to make your summer game strong. If you pick up ice and left the ice mold empty, then there are fair chances that you will get roasted at the dining table; in order to avoid this unusual situation, buy yourself a good ice maker. We provided you with the list of freestanding ice makers to choose from.

But before diving into the list, let’s take a brief look at some important stuff regarding ice makers. If you’re looking for a deeper analysis, refer to the Buying Guide at the bottom.

 The Freestanding Ice Makers Reviews list is just below. 

Working of the ice maker

Ice makers usually refer to the machine found inside the refrigerator to make ice or a stand-alone ice-making device. It specifically refers to the machine that stand-alone. It comes with a freezer, control panel, and a dispenser. You only need to give electric current to the device, and it starts operating. The working of an ice machine is the same as that of working of a refrigerator.

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Components of ice making

It includes four components: a compressor, an evaporator, a condenser, and a throttle valve. Compressor, after compressing the low-pressure vapors into high-pressure vapors, send them to the condenser. Then these vapors are converted into high-pressure liquid in the condenser and enter into throttle valve to become liquid with low pressure. Finally, in the evaporator, ice is created after the heat exchange.

Is it worth having an ice maker?

If you are not fond of gatherings or living alone, you don`t need an ice maker. But if you become terrified of the fact of refilling ice molds or repeated visits to the freezer for getting a cube of ice, then you should buy an icemaker.

Types of an icemaker

  • Freezer ice makers: they are found in the freezer section of the refrigerator.
  • Fresh food compartment ice makers: these are the latest types of ice makers found in the section of fresh food in the refrigerator.
  • Portable freezers: they fit on the countertop.
  • Built-in and freestanding ice makers: they are manufactured to be fitted under the kitchen counter and can also be used as freestanding ice makers.

 Now Let’s Dive In! 

Best Freestanding Ice Maker 2022

Ice MakersIcy Rating
1. GE Profile Opal10/10
[Editor’s Choice]
2. NewAir Countertop8.5/10
3. FREE VILLAGE Countertop8.2/10
4. Euhomy Ice Maker8/10
5. Frigidaire Counter Top Ice Maker7.8/10
6. COSTWAY7.6/10
7. Frigidaire Compact7.3/10
8. Northair Stainless Steel Portable7/10

Here are some of the top Freestanding Ice Makers you’ll find right now.

1. GE Profile Opal

[Editor’s Choice]

GE Profile OPAL01GEPKT Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker, Stainless Steel Wrap with Gray Accents & LED Lighting

Why do we love it?

  • Has an automatic refilling tank which means that it will take water automatically when the water level is low.
  • It is a portable ice maker so that you can quickly transfer this machine without much effort.
  • Has an increased capacity for making ice in less time because of modern machinery used in its manufacturing.
Minimizes water wastagenone
Makes nugget-shaped ice
Built-in Bluetooth
Smart refilling
Powerful built in Compressor
Lightweight & portable
Durable build
Modern aesthetic look
Best value for money

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2. NewAir Countertop

NewAir Countertop Clear Ice Maker Machine, Makes 40 lbs of Ice, Portable Stainless Steel, ClearIce40

Why do we love it?

  • Produces high-quality well-shaped transparent ice, which does not melt quickly.
  • Comes with insulated storage, which avoids fast and quick melting of the ice.
  • Has a plastic-free ice scoop for serving. Hence it is good for your health and environment.
  • It has improved durability because the components of this ice maker are made up of high quality, which increases its life span.
Crystal clear ice
Customer support could be better
Great Storage space
Smart & efficient design
Small footprints
Strong metallic build
One touch Start system

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Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 40Lbs 24H Auto Self-Cleaning, 24 pcs Ice Cube in 13 Mins, FREE VILLAGE Portable Compact Ice Cube Maker, With Ice Scoop & Basket, Ideal for Home Kitchen Office Bar, Sliver

Why do we love it?

  • Comes with a large translucent window that allows you to see through the window and see the making of ice.
  • Has an exhaust fan that prevents the compressor of the icemaker from overheating.
  • It has a powerful compressor which incredibly increases the efficiency of the ice maker.
  • Is a smart icemaker that cleans itself when needed.
Poor start up instructions
Low noise
Energy efficient
Water recycling system
Automatic cleaning
Digital display
Bubble less ice

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4. Euhomy Ice Maker

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 40Lbs 24H Auto Self-Cleaning, 24 pcs Ice Cube in 13 Mins, Portable Compact Ice Cube Maker, with Ice Scoop & Basket, Perfect for Home Kitchen Office Bar

Why do we love it?

  • Has a digital display on the top of the machine, which allows you to adjust the speed and thickness of the cubes.
  • Produces high-quality, sharp, solid, and crystal clear ice cubes.
  • Its stainless body and plastic-free finish make it an environmentally friendly device.
  • Comes with improved efficiency due to the high duty components involved in the functioning of the icemaker.
Needs servicing from time to time
Environment friendly
Water recycling system
High-quality ice cubes
Digital display

5. Frigidaire Counter Top Ice Maker

Frigidaire EFIC189-Silver Compact Ice Maker, 26 lb per Day, Silver

Why do we love it?

  • Produces crystal clear, sharp, and solid ice cubes.
  • Has a modern design which makes it a hot seller in this range.
  • It has a stainless steel exterior and plastic-free finish, which gives it a sleek and attractive look.
  • Is a durable icemaker due to the long life span of its machinery.
Digital display
Build quality could be better
Environment friendly
Transparent window
Convenient design


COSTWAY Countertop Ice Maker, 26LBS 24H Portable and Compact Ice Maker Machine, Ice Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, Electric High Efficiency Express Clear Operation Control Panel with Ice Scoop (Silver)

Why do we love it?

  • It is a portable ice maker so that customers can easily carry this machine with him wherever he wants.
  • An efficient machine due to the fast speed of the ice-making process.
  • Is user-friendly, which means that you can efficiently operate the device without any proper training.
  • Builds with food-grade and non-odor material, so your food is safe in this ice maker.
Bullet-shaped ice
Ice making takes a bit
Control panel
Insulated board
Removable ice basket

7. Frigidaire Compact

Frigidaire Ice Maker Compact Ice Maker Up to 26 LB of Ice Silver EFIC206-TG-SILVER

Why do we love it?

  • Compact and small in size, which makes it fit anywhere.
  • Its design is modern and up to date.
  • Doesn’t produce any noise so that it does not disturb your children or your guests.
  • Has an efficient compressor that produces high-quality ice cubes within a short time.
Produce ice quickly
Build could be better
Digital display
Makes different sized ice cubes

8. Northair Stainless Steel Portable

Northair Stainless Steel Portable Countertop Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket 26 lb. Daily Capacity - Silver

Why do we love it?

  • Is fast and efficient enough to give you solid ice cubes in 6 to 10 minutes.
  • It is a portable ice maker which can transfer from one place to another place.
  • Compact and small in size to be fitted in small as well as in more significant places.
  • Is an intelligent ice-making machine with a digital control panel installed on the top of the ice maker.
Digital control panel
Difficult to handle
Elegant design
Reduces waste

Buying Guide – Freestanding Ice Maker

Freestanding Ice Makers buying guide

Before buying an ice maker, few things should be kept in your mind. There are tons of options of the best freestanding ice maker stocked in the market, but you should use it according to your needs and demands. We tried to develop a comprehensive list of icemakers for you. You have to skim our buying guide and then filter your choices. Some people already have a basic knowledge about ice, but if you are a layperson and want to buy an ice maker, you are on the right track. Here is the buying guide that is specifically designed for you.

Why are nugget ice makers so expensive?

Nugget ice makers are usually expensive because the compressor and the technology used in these icemakers are high quality and costly. Nugget is the shape of ice cubes that are produced by specific icemakers.

Do portable ice makers use a lot of electricity?

Yes, they consume more energy and power. They need more electricity to start the machine. They use 100 watts when they are making ice cubes consistently. Starting a portable icemaker requires 200 watts or even more electricity.

Does the ice maker need drain?

If you are using a commercial icemaker, you will need a good drainer to treat melted water. You can use a home drainer for this purpose, but it does not fulfill your requirement, then you have to go for the next option, which is a pump drainer. Some commercial ice makers have an in-built drainer; you can also attach a drainer with an icemaker.

Do portable ice makers keep ice frozen?

Portable ice makers are designed to make ice, but they are not freezers. They produce ice within no time, and they can also freeze it but not for a long time. These portable freestanding countertop ice makers are considered as best icemakers.

Things you should know before buying an Icemaker

If you own a coffee shop or a bar, then an icemaker will make your life easy. It also saves your time and energy. With the help of an ice maker, you will get perfect ice cubes without waiting for hours. Before investing a handsome amount in the icemaker, you should have a basic knowledge about them. Different types of ice makers are designed to suit other purposes. You have to select according to your demands and needs.

Nature of your work

If you want to buy an ice maker for your home, you will need a small and portable ice maker, so you can take it with you while camping or having dinner in your garden. If you want to use it for your business, then you need a heavy-duty and efficient ice maker. You should have significant clarity about the nature of your work.

Your usage

Before buying an ice maker, it is recommended to estimate your usage. If you are going to regularly use it for a long time, you have to buy an ice maker with a cooling system that will protect your freestanding ice maker and water dispenser from overheating. But if you are not going to use it frequently, you will need a reliable ice maker.

The Capacity of an Icemaker

The strength of an icemaker is dependent on its capacity to make ice cubes. Suppose you want more power, then your choice will be different. Icemakers with high energy are costlier than the icemaker with low capacity. The best buy freestanding ice makers have different variants in the market.

Types of an icemaker

There are many different types of ice makers available in the market; you have to choose the type that suits you best. Research for types of icemaking machines and then select the one that can fulfill your needs. You can visit a market to know about the different kinds of ice makers produced in the market.


One of the most significant things which influence your choice of icemaker is your budget. The icemaker for personal use or small businesses is less priced while the commercial ones are expensive. You should adjust your budget according to your usage and the nature of your work. If you have a small business, you have a low budget, but you should have a high budget for large-scale firms.

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