8 Best Ice Maker Fridges 【Reviewed 2022】

 Who likes to fill ice cube trays and put them in the freezer for hours? No one! 

To make it worthwhile, one first needs to find out which fridge would be the ideal choice. A fridge that would make ice for you. Of course, in a busy world like ours, no one has enough time to fill in ice cube trays with water and place it in the freezer, only to get a few ice cubes after hours of waiting.

With the very capable help of this highly researched and extensive article, you’ll find yourself decisive enough to decide which kind of fridge from the following listings would be your ideal choice. The market of ice maker bridges is blooming and there are piles of choices and options, but undoubtedly, not many of such options are even worthy of your consideration. A majority of ice-making fridges available in the market are of compromised quality and don’t last long enough. Totally not valuable to your money.

This is where this article steps in to help you. To find out a perfect balance between an ice maker fridge that meets your own demands and one that fits in the budget value bracket, our well-researched article will help you out. All the amazing information that will be delivered to you here, will help you choose the perfect fridge with ice machine. Refer to the buying guide at the end of this article for even more in-depth knowledge of what to consider.

 But first. 


Before you make a decision, there are a few points that deserve your consideration. These considerable points are crucial for the choice of the most suitable fridge for you.

  • Dual ice maker fridge: If you’re looking for a fridge with an ice maker, you might as well be interested in one with a dual ice maker. If you’re into chilled beverages or partying, you really could use one.
  • French doors fridge: French doors are in fashion these days. These types of doors not only give off elegance and class to the kitchen but also are highly practical.
  • Freezer compartment: Not many ice maker fridges have dedicated freezer compartments, if you are into frozen edibles and desserts, consider getting yourself a unit with a freezer compartment.
  • Capacity: Nobody wants a fridge that just falls short of your required capacity. You you must think well before investing. The list here is composed of all types capacity requirements so we’ve got you covered.


Here’s our list of top ice maker fridges available right now.

Ice Maker FridgeIcy Rating
1. Frigidaire FFHD2250TS10/10
[Editor’s Choice]
2. GE Profile PVD28BYNFS8.5/10
3. Samsung Steel 4-Door8/10
4. Frigidaire FGHB2868TF 8/10
5. LG LFXC22526D7.5/10
6. Smad 36" Side by Side7.5/10
7. Frigidaire FFHB2750TD7/10
8. Smad Counterdepth with Auto Ice Maker7/10

1. Frigidaire FFHD2250TS

Frigidaire FFHD2250TS 36 Inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator with 22.5 cu. ft. Total Capacity, in Stainless Steel

Why do we love it?

  • This fridge is built on the design language that is a blend of modernity and technological advancement.
  • It comes in stainless steel color, which makes the ambiance quite pleasant.
  • Has an electronic lock type, which ensures ultimate safety if you’re living in shared spaces.
  • The fridge has wire shelves, which are robust and good-looking.
  • It’s a stainless steel fridge with an ice maker & a glossy finish.
  • It’s compact in dimensions: 30.88 inches L x 35.63 inches W x 69.38 inches H.
  • Comes with a powerful compressor.
  • The fridge is Energy Star certified.
  • It has a sleek French door design.
Quiet, doesn’t humNone
Light weight: 365 lbs
Capacity: 22.5 cubic feet
Energy star certified
Glossy solid finish
Powerful compressor
Dual French door design
Powerful Compressor
Rapid Cooling

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2. GE Profile PVD28BYNFS

GE Profile PVD28BYNFS 27.6 Cu.Ft. Stainless French Door Smart Refrigerator

Why do we love it?

  • It is built by a quality promising company GE.
  • The fridge has a Stainless-steel exterior.
  • Its dimensions are 36.75 x 35.63 x 69.88 inches L x W x H.
  • It has wire shelves, which are adjustable and removable.
  • The fridge is equipped with an electronic lock
  • This model is energy star certified.
  • It has French doors, which are quite a trend these days.
  • The exterior features a very solid pattern in the stainless-steel finish.
  • This fridge with an ice maker is app-enabled and performs according to the instructions you set in the app.
  • It is equipped with turbo freeze technology.
Turbo freezeSlightly lesser capacity
Electronic lock
App enabled
Smart capable feature
Door alarm
High storage capacity
Compact size
Energy star certified
Stylish French doors

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3. Samsung Steel 4-Door

Samsung Fingerprint Resistant Black Stainless Steel 4-Door Flex Refrigerator

Why do we love it?

  • This fridge is in a very elegant black color.
  • This finish is in stainless steel, which gives your kitchen an amazingly classy look and makes the ambiance worthwhile.
  • The brand is Samsung, which is the name of reliability and quality.
  • It features 2 doors and 4 basic compartment settings.
  • It is delivered with a good quality screen protection film attached.
  • The bins are super spacious and easy to maneuver.
  • It’s an apartment size fridge with an ice maker.
  • Minimalistic and stylish design that depicts modernity throughout the fridge.
Classy black finishNo external water dispenser
Fingerprint resistant film
Smudge resistant
Stainless steel exterior
4 basic compartments
Minimalistic design
Robust compressor
Durable quality

4. Frigidaire FGHB2868TF 

Frigidaire Gallery FGHB2868TF 26.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless French Door Refrigerator

Why do we love it?

  • To start with, it has an amazing capacity of 27.2 cubic feet despite its size.
  • The fridge is 34 x 36 x 70 inches in Length, Width, and Height respectively, which is a good size.
  • It has TWO French doors, in stainless steel finish. This always gives off an elegant look.
  • The fridge is equipped with an electronic lock system.
  • It is Energy Star certified. A certified fridge is a safe fridge
  • A worthy option in the listing of ice maker fridges.
  • The presently available model is an upgraded and improved version with better features.
  • It has through-the-door water and ice dispenser. Easy and practical for anyone with a busy schedule.
  • The drawers are practical and of good quality. They have good seals and keep everything fresh, inside.
Crisp sealNo counter depth
Energy-star certified
Great Capacity
Elegant looking
Slide drawers
Great filtration system

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5. LG LFXC22526D

LG LFXC22526D 22 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Why do we love it?

  • It’s a counter-depth refrigerator, sure deserves to be loved, right?
  • The fridge has a dual ice maker, which is obviously better than a fridge with only an ice maker.
  • It is equipped with smart thinkQ technology, which boosts its performance and practicality.
  • The fridge comes with dual French doors
  • Has considerable space as compared to its size.
  • The fridge comes in black color. Its finish is stainless steel, which looks classy.
  • The brand is LG, so reliability is guaranteed, moreover, the warranty claims are good.
Counter-depth installationNo freezer
Capacious: 22.1 cubic feet.
Smart ThinkQ technology
Ice & water dispenser combo
Crisp lock trays
Wi-Fi enabled

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6. Smad 36″ Side by Side

Smad 36 Side by Side Refrigerator with Automatic Ice Maker and Water Dispenser, Stainless Steel, 26.3 Cu. Ft.

Why do we love it?

  • Is a built-in form factor fridge, which can be placed in open spaces and on individual walls, rather than only the countertops.
  • It is in a matte finish, which looks aggressively classy and gives off stylish vibes.
  • The color is stainless steel. This outlook and exterior match any theme that you have designed your kitchen in.
  • It has a DC inverter. DC inverter in an ice maker fridge is very useful as it can save you a lot in electricity bills.
  • The fridge is DOE certified. This certification speaks for the quality and reliability of the item.
  • Despite being a side-by-side fridge with ice maker, this fridge still has a good storage capacity of 26.3 cubic feet.
  • With high humidity preservation, 2 drawers inside the fridge keep vegetables and fruits fresh for longer periods of time.

DC inverter
Low space relative to size
DOE certified
Deli Drawers and gallon bins
Water filter
High humidity preservation
Quality compressor

7. Frigidaire FFHB2750TD

Frigidaire FFHB2750TD 36 Inch French Door Refrigerator with 26.8 cu. ft. Total Capacity, in Black Stainless Steel

Why do we love it?

  • The fridge is in stainless steel finish, obviously classy and gentle. It has a solid pattern, elevating the class.
  • This ice maker fridge is in black color. Black goes with any and every theme and setting of your kitchen. It even suits open kitchens.
  • It has French doors, which are, again, in fashion these days.
  • The fridge also has wire shelves. Wire shelves tend to be stronger and more reliable than glass ones.
  • The space is quite handsome, especially comparing it with the size of the unit, it is impressive.
Sturdy buildice maker is not very efficient
Black stainless-steel exterior
French doors
Wire shelves
Energy-star certified

8. Smad Counterdepth with Auto Ice Maker

Smad Counterdepth French Door Refrigerator Bottom Freezer 36 Refrigerator Stainless Steel, 22.5 Cu.Ft, with Auto Ice Maker

Why do we love it?

  • Is a French door fridge with freezer bottom. Unlike most others, this fridge has a separate compartment for the freezer.
  • Has stainless steel exterior with a solid finish. This combination is aesthetic.
  • It has premium LED interior lighting for great ambiance and a clear view at low light times.
  • The glass shelves are spill-proof. This helps keep the water and other substances from getting mixed in other food items placed in the lower shelves.
Separate freezer drawersLesser storage space
Electronic temperature controls
Spill-proof shelves
Compact design
Great cooling

BUYING GUIDE-Ice Maker Fridge

buying guide ice maker fridge

We are sure that you have a clear idea of which one to buy from the listing by now. To add to your ease, here’s a little buying guide for you to eliminate any possible confusions you may still have.

Storage capacity

When buying a fridge, one thing that you must keep well into consideration is storage capacity. If your compact fridge freezer with ice maker offers you space any less than 22 cubic feet of total storage capacity, it is not worth it. Always keep the storage in higher priorities

Size and form

The size and form of the fridge with ice maker are important to keep in mind. The more compact it is, the better it is. Plus, on the brighter side, if the listed ice maker fridge is a countertop in form, it would best suit the need of your kitchen and provide luxury as well as practicality.


The best of all would be a small fridge with ice maker, especially one which has French doors. It would be even better if the fridge has sliding freezer compartments. Always prefer one which has not only French doors but also crisper drawers for the freezer. A freezerless fridge with ice maker would not be a very logically sensible option.


buying guide-ice maker fridge

Here are some really important questions for further enhancing your info.

Q. How much does a refrigerator with an ice maker cost?

It costs around $2300 to $3000 on average to buy a refrigerator with an ice maker. But do your research well before buying to see what fits your specific purpose best.

Q. Can you get a fridge with an ice maker?

Absolutely, yes. They come in all sizes and budgets. here we have listed everything you need to know.

Q. Do you need plumbing for the ice maker fridge?

No. You don’t need any kind of plumbing or extra help for setting or using a fridge with an ice maker. Its just like installing a regular refrigerator.

Q. Are all refrigerators with ice makers the same?

No, most of the ice makers in refrigerators don’t share the same technology or line of work. Similarly, the shape and form of ice that is dispensed by different units are also different.

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