8 Best Refrigerator Compressors of 2022 【Top Ranked】

 Did you know that over 70% of refrigerator’s performance is dependent on its compressor? That’s a lot. 

It’s undoubtedly one of the most integral parts that defines a good-performing refrigerator. Refrigerators and freezers are the most important equipment in any house or restaurant where beverages and food are served and stored. We have to admit that due to refrigerators our lives have become so much better and more convenient. But sometimes due to its excess usage, the compressor can get broken down.

With a multitude of compressor options available, it’s important to find the one that suits your purpose. If finding the perfect refrigerator compressor can be hard, why don’t you go through our list of top refrigerator compressors that work perfectly for all refrigerator types.

 But first! 

How to know when the compressor is not working?

  • It is not cooling: The unit of the fridge will stop cooling when there is a compressor leakage or the compressor is damaged. So, when you notice the temperature of your fridge, just know that the compressor of your fridge needs to be replaced.
  • Short cycling: The unit won’t run for a long time at a time. It will run for 3-4 minutes at a time and then will get turned off. This indicates that the compressor needs to be changed.
  • Continuous cycling: When the refrigerator cycles for hours at a time with continuous noise and will not turn off. It tells that it isn’t reaching the actual required temperature and the compressor needs to be replaced.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Refrigerator Compressor

Following are the things which you must evaluate when purchasing a refrigerator compressor for yourself.

  • Refrigeration Capacity: When considering a refrigerator compressor, the main thing to know is the refrigeration capacity needed, as different kinds of compressors don’t offer the same range of capacity. Whether you choose low power technology or high power technology, it depends on your refrigerator and it is quite easy to evaluate the capacity of your refrigerator. For a medium-capacity refrigerator compressor, it is hard to pick one as it comes in various types that might be suitable for you.
  • Budget: It is also essential to consider the pricing, for example, picking between an inexpensive compressor that can not be repaired or an expensive one that you can get repaired. If you require high power, you will have to pick between an economical piston compressor or a more efficient and more expensive screw compressor.
  • Operation Noise: You should always consider its noise level during operation and the space requirement as well.
  • Checking Compatibility: The last and most important thing to consider is choosing a model that will work with the refrigerant that has been used in your fridge’s refrigeration circuit. There are a lot of fluids available and refrigerator compressor manufacturers have great adapted models to offer.
  • Motor & Horsepower: When choosing a refrigerated compressor, you should also consider the efficiency of the motor and its horsepower (HP). Even if it meets the capacity requirements, a compressor with a low HP rating may not be appropriate for a certain operation.

Best Refrigerator Compressor 2022

Refrigerator CompressorIcy RatingToday's Price
1- GE WR87X10111 OEM Compressor10/10
[Editor’s Choice]
Check Price
2- True 842509 Nek6212Z 1/2Hp8.5/10
Check Price
3- Embraco FFI12HBX8/10
Check Price
4- Frigidaire 218721108 Start Relay7.4/10
Check Price
5- GE WR07X100847/10
Check Price
6- Frigidaire 53044131787/10
Check Price
7- Frigidaire 2417077017/10
Check Price
8- Supplying Demand W104488746.5/10
Check Price

1- GE WR87X10111 OEM Compressor

[Editor’s Choice]

GE WR87X10111 Genuine OEM Compressor Kit for GE Refrigerators

Why do we love it?

  • This compressor comes with a complete kit so you won’t have to worry about its installation process.
  • The perfect replacement for most of your fridges is this compressor thanks to a universal type fit. If there is any damage or fault in your existing compressor, you can replace it with this one for an optimal performance.
  • Premium materials have been used in its formulation which makes it reliable and powerful.
  • It is designed and made exactly how its specifications state so don’t worry about getting scammed. GE will deliver you the best quality.
  • The kit of this compressor includes a compressor, grommets, tubing, process stub with a rectangle piece used for covering the wires, and a filter dryer.

Simple Installation.
Runs Smoothly.
Energy Efficient.
Fits in most fridges.
Premium Quality Build.
Full kit included

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2- True 842509 Nek6212Z 1/2Hp

True 842509 Nek6212Z 1 2Hp Compressor

Why do we love it?

  • This compressor has been supplied with all necessary equipment including an inlet filter, air compressor elements, aftercooler, starter, and regulation system.
  • The weight of this compressor is just 29.4 pounds, therefore it is convenient to install & maintain.
  • This compressor is essential in producing cool air for your refrigerator, condensing the refrigerant before it begins to enter the coils.
  • Can be conveniently used as it is lightweight so anyone can install this compressor handily. No professional help required.

Perfect OEM replacement.None
Rapid Cooling Effect.
High Quality Covered Wires.
Convenient to Install.
Durable Build.
Ideal for Commercial Use

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3Embraco FFI12HBX

Embraco FFI12HBX Replacement Refrigeration Compressor 1 3 HP R-134A R134A

Why do we love it?

  • You can choose this compressor for household refrigeration because it can be fixed in medium size refrigerators and is very beneficial for every person who wants to have a good quality compressor.
  • There are four levels of efficiency that are “Standard, Medium ,High and very High” in its modern range of designs.
  • The compressor produces low noise and low vibration. That’s why, this compressor can be utilized in appliances which are being used for medium size commercial footings.
  • It is an ideal replacement part and is priced really affordably so it can beat most of the other products in the market.
  • Works efficiently for both domestic and commercial usage. It has all the qualities of a large compressor that’s why it can also be used as a commercial refrigerator compressor.

Identical replacement partCheck compatibility before buying.
Fits easily.
Affordably priced.
Can be Used Commercially.
Low Noise.
Perfect for medium-sized appliances.

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4- Frigidaire 218721108 Start Relay

Frigidaire 218721108 Start Relay Refrigerator

Why do we love it?

  • If there is any sound coming from your refrigerator, then it actually needs a new compressor and this relay which will fix your refrigerator sound problem and all other issues as well.
  • It doesn’t make unusual sounds and works quietly that may arise from defects in your existing compressor.
  • This refrigerator compressor easily replaces the old defective compressor you already had with a performance that is better by leaps & bounds.
  • The installation process of this compressor is quite convenient with all the instructions provided in the given manual.
  • It is compatible with most of the refrigerators and will work immediately after installation even if the numbers don’t match.

Good quality.Careful Handling.
Conveniently Design.
Works perfectly.
Genuine replacement part.
Easy to Install & Replace

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5- GE WR07X10084

GE WR07X10084 Genuine OEM Compressor Start Relay for GE Refrigerators

Why do we love it?

  • It is a genuine and original OEM part perfectly formulated and engineered to exact specifications.
  • Manufactured with premium materials, this compressor is the exact fit for most compressors and is durable. Follow the instructions in the owner’s directory to make sure it’s safe working when installing this compressor.
  • You can repair your appliance with no worries when you choose this product because it is completely durable and is convenient to install.
  • This compressor is a perfect replacement for most of your defected compressors.

Premium Quality Build.none
OEM certified.
Pure Copper Winding.
Long Lasting.

6- Frigidaire 5304413178

Frigidaire 5304413178 Genuine OEM Compressor Start Relay for Refrigerators

Why do we love it?

  • It is a genuine and Original Equipment manufactured and engineered to exact characteristics.
  • Once it is fixed in your refrigerator, it will make your fridge run efficiently and will make it easier to refrigerate items in the fridge at adequate temperature.
  • This high-quality Compressor has been designed with characteristics which do not require so much effort to use and it is made of exclusive quality materials, which makes its performance outstanding and also expands the life of your appliances.
  • It is the perfect replacement for most of the fridges with defective compressors.

Robust Performance.No installation manual included.
Quality Build.
Easy to fit.

7- Frigidaire 241707701

Frigidaire 241707701 Start Device Refrigerator

Why do we love it?

  • It is designed to fix the issues arising in your refrigerator which includes unusual sounds, cooling issues, automatic defrost function failure etc.
  • Another thing to love about this product is that it is available at reasonable prices and will help you to save many dollars. What’s better than having a good quality product within your budget?
  • This one will handily replace the original equipment and will help run your fridge again, within just 30 minutes after installation.
  • Once you install it, it will start working quickly, so your concern of food being spoiled will be solved by this handy equipment within a very short time.

Convenient Installation.Not universal.
Priced Affordably.
Smooth Operation.

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8- Supplying Demand W10448874

Supplying Demand W10448874 Refrigerator Compressor Start Relay & Overload Fits PS11754876 Model Specific Not Universal

Why do we love it?

  • Stabilizes the problem of your refrigerator quickly. If your fridge stops cooling and all of your items in the fridge begin to spoil then it is the ideal product to fix all of your issues.
  • It doesn’t produce a lot of noise after starting functioning and makes it more convenient and effective.
  • The comprehensive guide provided with this compressor explains how to install the product. It gives a catalog as to how to use the product accurately and gives repair in your hand.
  • Hiring a professional serviceman for the installation of the compressor is not required, which will help you to save money. Moreover, it is a budget-friendly product, available at a good price, and helps you to save a couple of bucks.

Portable in size.Doesn't have a capacitor.
Easy to induct.
Cheaper in Price.
Requires low voltage.

Buying Guide

best refrigerator compressor buying guide

To maintain a good refrigerator system, the first and foremost important thing is to select the best refrigerator compressor which performs good with minimum energy consumption. This will lower your operating costs while also assuring compliance with the DOE’s new commercial refrigeration compliance criteria.

To choose the best refrigerator compressor ,few characteristics are required to keep in mind. Even if your old compressor model is not available or you want to switch to a more energy efficient system or if you want to choose the best compressor brand, the following properties should be considered to get a quality product.

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Application Requirements

Choosing the best refrigerator compressor is very important because compressors in refrigeration applications are frequently required to function in several conditions. While a two-stage or variable-speed compressor may be appropriate for refrigeration applications with varying load circumstances, a single-stage compressor that runs at full capacity during the “on” cycle may be a better choice for light-duty applications. If you’re looking for a single-stage compressor, Compressors Unlimited has a few options, including the 4DL1500, 6DL2700, 06ER150, 06ER175, and 06DR3376.

Different types of models of compressors are designed for different types of refrigerants, so it is also a matter of concern for selecting the appropriate compressor. The most straightforward way to determine the required refrigerant is to look at the compressor’s label or specifications. In addition, the EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) gives details on the refrigerants that have been approved for use in the US.

Choosing the best refrigerator compressor, this factor also has to be kept in mind if you have a high-pressure, medium-pressure, or low-pressure system. This is because the type of system determines the suction and discharge pressure/temperature parameters that the compressor must work within. Systems perform on different pressures for operating on different temperatures. Compressors that operate at temperatures -4°F and 23°F are considered as low and high pressure systems respectively. Compressors for medium-pressure systems must be able to operate in temperatures ranging from -4°F to 23°F.

Compressor Capacity

For selecting a commercial refrigeration compressor ,one more aspect should also consider ,the capacity of the compressor . It is usually measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or cubic feet per hour (CFH) (CFH). Temperature and pressure of a system are responsible for fluctuating the volume occupied by refrigerant vapors, so for monitoring the capacity , temperature and pressure level should be considered. A compressor at 200 psi will contain significantly more refrigerated vapor as compared to one at 50 psi, even if the quantity of cylinders and the diameter of every cylinder bore is kept constant.

A greater CFM or CFH rating suggests a better cooling capacity because the CFM or CFH rating is directly linked to the compressor’s cooling capability.


Another important aspect to be considered for selecting the top compressor refrigerator, is the starting torque. Low starting torque (LST) refrigeration compressors must be used in systems with capillary tubes and pressure equalization before each beginning. Motors having a high beginning torque are required for compressors that start with non-equalized pressures (HST). These compressors can be utilized in both systems with capillary tubes and systems with expansion valves.

Frequently Asked Questions

best fridge compressor

Here are some of the most important questions answered for you to refer to.

Q. What is the reason for the failure of the compressor in a refrigerator?

The failure of your refrigerator compressor might be caused by a number of circumstances. A high voltage spike, unclean condenser coils, refrigerant issues, and normal wear and tear are among them. If these guidelines are not followed, the best refrigerator compressors will not work as expected.

Q. Does a refrigerator’s compressor always run?

The compressor in refrigerators and freezers must run for a long proportion of time in order to maintain the appropriate temperature. Refrigerators and freezers, especially commercial refrigerator freezers, contain compressors that are designed to run 80 percent to 90 percent of the time.

Q. What is the importance of a compressor in the refrigerator?

A refrigerator’s pumping organ is the compressor. It circulates the refrigerant throughout the system, increases pressure in the warm circuit, and heats the refrigerant. The refrigerant is cooled and condenses on the inside, converting it from a gas to a liquid. So for choosing the reliable product of the best refrigerator compressor this should be monitored deeply.

Q. Do refrigerator compressors run hot?

You should expect the compressor to become warm, but not burning, as this is a normal part of the cooling down process.

Q. What is the life of a refrigerator’s compressor?

Even though replacement plans should begin around eight years of its operation, a well maintained compressor can last ten years or longer. Fridge compressor prices also vary because of the quality and material used for making the quietest refrigerator compressor and to increase its durability.

Q. What is the method to check the status of a refrigerator’s compressor?

The best way to discover if the compressor is defective is to take the refrigerator away from the wall and listen carefully. If the compressor is making a tiny humming sound yet the temperature is higher than it should be, it’s likely that there’s a problem with the compressor.

Q. How to pick the best top compressor refrigerator freezer?

Because different types of compressors don’t have the same operating range, the first factor to consider when picking a top compressor refrigerator freezer is the refrigeration capacity. If you require a modest or high degree of power, selecting a technology will be simple.

Q. Which is the best refrigerator compressor?

Advantages of a Digital Inverter Compressor over a Reciprocating Compressor include the following: Based on humidity conditions and usage patterns, it performs five distinct movement cycles. When opposed to the Reciprocating Compressor used in conventional refrigerators, this Compressor helps maintain a more consistent temperature.

Q. How do top compressor refrigerators work differently from lower ones?

Because warm air in the top compressor refrigerators is evacuated upwards, commercial freezers with compressors on top allow for more storage and operate cooler. Units with bottom-mounted compressors are less expensive and easier to maintain.


We hope our list was helpful to you and will support you in buying a perfect refrigerator compressor for yourself. All these compressors recommended by us are so amazing. So, whichever compressor you choose for yourself, please keep an open mind while doing as it is actually the key to shopping perfectly.

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