8 Best Wine Fridges with Lock in 2022 【RANKED】

 Struggling to keep your roommates from gulping down your hard earned booze? Or maybe you want to keep the kids away from the stuff. 

Whatever the reasons may be, a wine fridge with lock is a crucial thing to have for many people. If you love to drink wine and you’re paying sufficient money on wine, but some of the money you spent on wine goes waste because you’ve bought more bottles than you can gulp in a month. You want to save that money but don’t know how?

Or if you like to store wines for long periods to develop their flavors. Then, the thing you need to purchase is a wine fridge. A Reasonably depository refrigerator will preserve and save your bottles from the adverse consequences of sun, warmth, climate transitions, and tendency. It will help the wine taste better and fragrant even if you open the bottle after a month. These refrigerators are specifically designed to ensure the preservation of wine.

 But first! 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wine Fridge with Lock

  • Capacity: Before you buy the wine fridge your mini fridge with lock and key, you must keep in mind the storage capacity of a fridge. It depends on your drinking habit. A small or medium-size refrigerator will be sufficient to give you the best results for household use.
  • Purpose: But if you seek to use the fridge for commercial purposes, you must need a large refrigerator to store as many bottles as possible. That’s why you must contemplate the capability of storage according to your needs and requirements.
  • Lock: As the name signifies, we are looking for the best mini fridge with lock and freezer to keep unwanted people away from our cravings. The reason for buying a fridge with a security system is not just for commercial purposes but if you are an individual and little kids exist in your home. Then you must purchase a wine fridge with lock to keep kids away and prevent them from spoiling your branded wine.
  • Research: Hence, there are many wine coolers and refrigerators available in the market with or without a lock. Therefore, you must make sure first that you are choosing a wine fridge with lock that has all the features you’re looking for. A lock with a keyhole is built in the fridge, which makes your wine secure.

Best Wine Fridges with Lock 2022

Here are picks for the top wine fridges with lock that are the perfect buying options for all types of needs.

Icy Rating
1- Colzer Premium 51 Bottle10/10
[Editor’s Choice]
2- TYLZA Wine and Beverage Refrigerator9/10
3- Kalamera 24” 8.5/10
4- AAOBOSI 15 inch 13 bottles
5- Koolatron WC12DZ
6- Ivation 18 Bottle
7- Whynter BR-091WS
8- Schmecke 12 Bottle

1- Colzer Premium 51 Bottle

[Editor’s Choice]

Colzer Premium 24 Inch Wine Cooler, 51 Bottle Wine Fridge with 2 Locks Humidity Control Intelligent Digital Upgrade Compressor Built in or Freestanding Wine Cellars for Home Office Bar

Why do we love it?

  • This is mainly manufactured for cooling and storing wine. It keeps the wine fresh and maintains its taste and quality. It also ages the wine ideally to make it more flavorful.
  • Another reason to love this wine cooler is its glossy and stylish appearance. It will look decent in your beautiful home. The door is built with a double-paned tempered glass strengthened with a coating of moisture insulation for the safety of wine and its excellence.
  • It comes with a digital screen touch panel, which lets you adjust the temperature in the range of 41° F to 78° F. This controlled cooling technology helps you adjust the refrigerator’s inside temperature according to the outside heat and climate.
  • What makes it more beautiful is its blue light which lets you see your bottle collection even when the door is closed. This wine cooler can also be easily fitted in your kitchen, which makes it more competitive.
  • The temperature setting is digital which is accurate and very helpful and lets you adjust exactly that temperature you need.
Dedicated Wine Fridge.Not lightweight or easily portable.
Can store up to 51 bottles.
Built-in keyhole lock.
Aesthetic Blue LED light.
Digital control panel.
Low noise.
Carbon filter.
Really Powerful Compressor
Sturdy Stainless Steel Build
Rapid Cooling

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2- TYLZA Wine and Beverage Refrigerator

TYLZA Wine and Beverage Refrigerator, 24 Inch Built-In Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler, Freestanding French Door Drink Fridge, Wine Beer Cooler Under Counter Refrigerator

Why do we love it?

  • It is a refrigerator with lock, which cools and stores your wine and provides the space for other beverages such as soda, cold drinks, soft drinks, and milk.
  • Wines are technically breathing grapes and need the fable storage circumstances to conserve their freshness and flavor. Therefore, choosing this will help preserve wine against temperature changes, lethal light, and consecutive vibration.
  • It is available in sizes ranging from 15″ to 24″, perfectly fitting under your kitchen corner and kitchen island. It is made of solid resistance metal.
  • The decent design, the glass door and digital LCD for temperature control makes it one of the best wine fridge. Shelves are made of metal which can be organized, removed, or accommodated according to your need to store wines and beverages.
Auto defrost.LED light doesn't reach the bottom.
Large capacity and more storage.
Low vibration.
LED light inside.
Upgraded compressor.
Dual-zone for wine and beverages.
Finished with stainless steel.
Durable Build.
Fast Chilling

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3- Kalamera 24” 

Kalamera 24'' Wine Cooler Refrigerator 46 Bottle Dual Zone Built-in or Freestanding Fridge with Stainless Steel & Triple-Layer Tempered Reversible Glass Door and Temperature Memory

Why do we love it?

  • Vibration in a refrigerator affects the taste of wine, but don’t worry, this refrigerator does not vibrate and does not affect the quality of the wine as it has low sound and low vibration and doesn’t produce disturbing noise.
  • If you are fond of wine, you know different wine varieties require other conditions but no need to bother. It works equally for delicious, rich red wines and crisp, light white wine, with its dual-zone specially designed for different wines.
  • This fridge looks elegant and decent; it can be built-in and used as freestanding. The prominent color in the appliance is black with a grey glass door. The door is made of stainless steel.
  • It is ideally suited to your needs if you want a refrigerator that doesn’t occupy more significant space and stores more wine bottles. It can store up to 45 bottles that is enough for a whole month.
Premium Wooden shelves.No automatic switch for lights
Dual-zone thermostat.
Stainless steel.
Adaptable installation.
LED temperature display.
Moveable wooden frame.

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4- AAOBOSI 15 inch 13 bottles

AAOBOSI Wine Cooler Refrigerator 15 Inch Dual Zone Wine Fridge for 30 Bottles Built in or Freestanding Compressor Wine Chiller with Temperature Memory Fog Free, Front Vent, Quick and Quiet Operation

Why do we love it?

  • This is the best choice for you if you can’t afford a large-sized wine refrigerator that keeps your wine taste and quality preserved while being budget-friendly.
  • Another thing to love about this product, even though it is small in size, it has dual-zone features, meaning that you can store your red wine at different temperatures and white wine at different temperatures. You can adjust the temperature according to your preferences.
  • The Carbon filtering system is essential to keep the air pure inside the refrigerator, and it also keeps the temperature uniform throughout the fridge. Your wine taste, flavor, and aroma can be maintained.
  • This refrigerator comes with a one-year warranty ensuring that you get the best quality you deserve. It also has removable shelves with rollers. Also, it comes with a safety Lock and adjustable feet.
Double zone for different wines.A little bit loud.
Made of stainless steel.
Blue LED light.
Uses low electricity.
Durable Compressor

5- Koolatron WC12DZ

Koolatron WC12DZ, Dual Zone Thermoelectric Cooler 12 Bottle Capacity with Digital Temperature Controls-Wine Cellar with Quiet Cooling Power and 4 Removable Shelves, Black Silver

Why do we love it?

  • The stylish black door of this cooler makes it more elegant and beautiful. The solid black design goes well with the A/V gear, and the internal light is nice to have when you want to look for a bottle before opening the door.
  • It keeps your collection of vintage wines in ideal storage conditions. It helps to maintain its standard and sip. Precisely, we can say that it is affordable and also luxurious.
  • It has low noise and low vibration. As you know, vibration in a refrigerator affects the flavor. Still, it’s quiet vibration technology keeps the taste of wine maintained and doesn’t disturb you while cooling. That’s why you can keep it in your kitchen as well as room.
  • If you don’t drink much but casually enjoy wine, this compact size fridge with a lock is best for you as it can hold up to 12 bottles. Also, it is small in size.
Compact Size.Limited Temperature Setting.
Ideal for Small Spaces.
Affordable price.
The zone is double.
Adjustable legs.
Futuristic Design.
Chilling Performance.

6- Ivation 18 Bottle

Ivation 18 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator w Lock Large Freestanding Wine Cellar For Red, White, Champagne or Sparkling Wine 41f-64f Digital Temperature Control Fridge Glass Door Black

Why do we love it?

  • The most important characteristic of this wine cooler is that it retains and maintains the zest and scent of the wines aimed at your collection. and preserve its quality.
  • It keeps harmful UV rays out and sustains an optimal atmosphere for your wines to ferment with compassion. Its advanced systems help to minimize the chances of wine being spoiled.
  • The small size of the wine cooler makes it very suitable if you want to have a refrigerator which does not occupy large space and is best for household uses.
  • It has a black tinted glass door and a LED light inside the fridge, making it look more elegant.
  • The user manual guide that it comes with, tells you how to use the appliance efficiently and maintain it. Make sure to read all the instructions before installing it in your house and enjoy the maximum benefit.
Robust Performance.Vibration
Removable Quality Racks./strong>
Budget Buy
Ideal for House Parties.

7- Whynter BR-091WS

Whynter BR-091WS, 90 Can Capacity Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator with Lock, White

Why do we love it?

  • This fridge can chill your cold drinks, soft drinks, whiskey, and even beer. In addition, it is compact and can easily be fit anywhere in the kitchen or the room. What’s better than to have a chilled cold drink whenever you want because it is already available in your home? That’s why you don’t need to go to a soda shivery time, and you want to have a cooled soft drink.
  • The compressor of this fridge is highly upgraded and maintains a consistent and uniform temperature in the fridge to save the beverage from external light and climate. It can also be used as a medical fridge with lock to keep the syrups of different kinds and other kinds of medicine.
  • It has a glossy finish and an elegant look which doesn’t make it look like a boring old soda chiller. Glass door is trimmed with stainless steel and sleek cabinets of white color.
Compact Size.Limited Capacity
Elegant Looks.
Energy Saving.
Reversible doors
Great Value for money

8- Schmecke 12 Bottle

Schmecke 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator w Lock Large Freestanding Wine Cellar 41f-64f Digital Temperature Control Wine Fridge For Red, White, Champagne or Sparkling Wine - Black

Why do we love it?

  • The interior lighting actually enlightens the entire collection of your wine and makes it look beautiful. The design itself of this refrigerator is also attractive and elegant.
  • The temperature control system keeps the temperature stable and helps to protect the wine from external heat and light.
  • This can be your personal fridge with lock or maybe your dorm fridge with lock where you can keep all your wine secure and away from your underage kids.
Has Temperature Control.Capacity is Limited
Efficient Operation.
Low Noise Level.
Unique Digital Display.

Buying Guide

wine fridge with lock buying guide

Whether you buy an extensive wine cooler or mini wine refrigerator, or beverage fridge, there are certain things that you must keep in mind. The following are the guidelines that you must follow before buying a wine cooler:


The most important thing to evaluate is the pricing. You can select a cheap compressor that can not be rebuilt or a costly compressor that you can get refurbished. If you need high power, you will have to choose between an inexpensive small fridge or a more productive and more valuable large wine cellar.


The level of noise is an important factor because no one wants disturbing noise in their room but if you keep the cooler in the kitchen then the minimum noise level will also be acceptable.

Temperature capacity and zones

As we already mentioned, different categories of wine require different temperatures; that is why most refrigerators are dual-zone with a variety of ranges of temperatures of your refrigerator. Make sure to check the capacity of the refrigerators by buying a wine cellar

Frequently Asked Questions

wine refrigerator with lock

The following are the questions that have been asked by people many times before buying a wine cooler

Is the lock available in the 2 door mini fridge with lock?

Yes, a 2 door mini fridge always has a lock and its keys. You can lock the refrigerator whenever you want.

Is there a difference between a wine cooler and a refrigerator?

Yes, because a refrigerator- level temperature to keep the beverage chilled while for storing we need an adequate temperature which is not so low, that’s why there are separate wine refrigerators.

How can someone select a wine refrigerator?

It depends on various factors such as temperature, price and size. You can choose it according to your preferences.


In conclusion, we can say that if you are a wine lover and you love to store and age wines, then your average kitchen refrigerator can not be suitable for that purpose. That is why the wine cooler and refrigerator provide adequate temperature to your wine for maintaining and preserving its quality, taste, and aroma.

Whether you love to drink whiskey or beer or a big bottle, you always need to take care of storage capacity as there are a variety of sizes available in the market and make sure you choose the best wine fridge with lock.

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