Bypass Fridge Thermostat 【DIY Guide】

 If you’ve been struggling with bypassing your refrigerator & no matter how many videos & articles you go through, nothing seems to work out. Worry no more! 

This guide is specially designed to simplify the process without taking away anything crucial from it for the sake of simplicity. So gear up & read on to solve these fridge bypass issues once & for all with a solid fix.

The thermostat is the temperature control house of the freezer. Almost all the refrigerators have built-in thermostats on the walls, and that thermostat has printed temperature on them. The thermostat is responsible for the cooling inside the fridge. If your refrigerator is not cooling efficiently, you should check your thermostat immediately. Monitoring and sorting out simple problems with the thermostat are super easy and don’t take much time. Here, we will share some bewildering hacks to jump the fridge thermostat.

How to Bypass Fridge Thermostat (Complete Guide) 2022

Well here’s the ultimate bypass refrigerator thermostat guide that will answer all of your questions regarding the process. If you still got questions after reading this piece, then let us know in the comments or reach us with an email & we’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can. This process is applicable to all types of refrigerators & fridges, no matter what company or type.

How do you reset a thermostat in the refrigerator?

reset fridge thermostat

You can reset your freezer thermostat by two methods. first is the simple reset method for doing this;

  1. cut the power supply of the refrigerator
  2. Unplug the refrigerator
  3. Plug in the power supply after 1-2 minute
  4. Reset the thermostat to the required temperature
  5. wait until the temperature stabilizes

The second method is the hard reset. For the hard reset;

  1. Unplug the refrigerator
  2. Wait for 30-40 minutes
  3. Plug in the refrigerator, and set the required temperature
  4. Monitor if the fridge has started working or not

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What happens if the thermostat is not working in the refrigerator?

thermostat not working

Technical issues shut the thermostats down. And once the thermostat stops working, your refrigerator will stop cooling, and temperatures will increase rapidly.

How do I know if the thermostat has gone into my fridge?

To check the thermostat functionality, raise a degree temperature and monitor if the temperature inside the freezer increases (you can also test it by decreasing a degree temperature). If the temperature does not rise, it shows that the thermostat is not working appropriately, and you need to take proper action.

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How much does it cost to replace a refrigerator thermostat?

refrigerator thermostat cost

Replacing a thermostat can cost around $100 to $300, depending upon the model of your refrigerator. Repairing the thermostat costs less than replacing it. That is why we recommend thermostat repair first, but if it is impossible to repair; then go for thermostat replacement, or bypass the fridge thermostat.

Why does a fridge need a thermostat?

The fridge needs a thermostat to maintain the cooling. The thermostat is the control of the compressor. When the temperature inside the freezer stabilizes to the required temperature, the thermostat shuts down the compressor. And when the temperature starts to rise to form the set point, it turns the compressor so it can do more cooling. The thermostat is an essential part of the fridge, yet a fridge can run without it.

How do I test a fridge thermostat?

fridge thermostat test

You can test a fridge thermostat by checking the temperature of the freezer’s liquid temperature. If the temperature inside the fridge is equal to the set temperature, the thermostat is working properly. If the fridge temperature is lesser or more than the set one, your thermostat is not working.


A thermostat is an essential part of the fridge. It helps to maintain the temperature of the refrigerator. If the fridge is not doing proper cooling or it is showing temperature fluctuation, it means the thermostat is not working. It is high time to replace or bypass the fridge thermostat. If it does start to work, it is time to replace the thermostat.

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