Fridge Not Cooling But Light Is On 〚Permanent Fix〛

 If your refrigerator light comes on but nothing else seems to work or if it is piping hot air. Then you might be just one step solution away to fix it. 

Fridges are now the basic necessity of our lives. Living with a broken fridge makes life extremely challenging. That’s why fixing it immediately is mandatory. Well, not notorious is the state when the fridge is not cooling but light is on.

There are few very common causes of such problem that can easily be figured out. And trust us once the problem is identified fixing can be done by you just with the help of few tools and some basic knowledge.  So, let’s get to know the possible reasons so that you can checklist them to diagnose the problem.

What would cause a refrigerator to stop getting cold?

refrigerator not getting cold

One of the main and basic reasons of your refrigerator stopped cooling is the clogged coils. Fan at the back of the refrigerator needs to be double-checked, whether it is spinning freely or not. Mostly it gets stuck due to dust or dirt.

After that, checking the right thermostat’s temperature is needed. Then the air ventilation area needs the space and all the doors should be perfectly sealed. These are some major basic causes that stops it from cooling.

Most of the professionals recommend taking help from the customer service when fridge is not getting cold but there is a record of them not responding quickly. So, we would recommend trying to repair it by yourself.

How to fix the refrigerator not cooling?

fix the refrigerator not cooling

There are so many easiest ways to fix it. Firstly, try to clean the blades in detail. Make sure to turn off your refrigerator and take the plug out of the switch as well. The thermostat needs to be set between 35 and 37 degrees. There is the possibility of thermostat getting upside down due to storing some hard boxes in the refrigerator.

Also, make sure the door gasket (door sealed) is tight enough to stop the cool air inside to escape. To check whether it is sealed tight or not you need to open the refrigerator again and if you feel even a tiny bit of resistance or force from it then it means its fine. And if not then you might need to repair it with the new one that doesn’t cost more than $100.

If the air ventilation area is blocked then the temperature within the fridge will be imbalanced causing inefficiency in working. So, what can be done is don’t put the items cramped too tightly on each other in the refrigerator.

Checking Compressor or Start Relay for Issues

Start Relay fridge

You can fix this problem like refrigerator’s light on but no motor sound can be heard, by checking the start relay. Start relay is an important part of fridge. And you can identify whether your start relay is fine or not easily.

Just unplug it and shake the tube. If you hear any fast-moving sound then it is not in the right condition and you need to replace it with the new one. And if none of the noise can be heard then you are good to go. But your compressor needs to be checked as there might be a problem in the compressor.

How do I Reset my Refrigerator Compressor?

fridge compressor reset

If your fridge’s not cooling but light is on then you must reset the compressor as well. And it’s not a brain surgery. All you need to do is move your fridge from the wall, unplug it, turn off the control panel, plug back the refrigerator, reset the temperature, and then move it back to its original position. After all these steps, wait for at least 24 hours before jumping to any conclusion. Most of the refrigerators start working perfectly after resetting the compressors.

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How to Fix Some Basic Problems

Some basic problems are easily identified but fixing them is a problem. We have discussed some of the easiest solutions below:

Condenser fan broke down:

Condenser fan broke down

If your fridge’s not getting cold then there is the possibility of your condenser fan breaking down. The main causes of it are loss of power, power-box damage, or disabled (damaged) motor control or the motor itself.


Try to fix the breaker from the opposite direction by flipping it off and then flipping it on. Or make sure that the thermostat is set to “cool” or to “auto.”  If it still doesn’t work then the outdoor disconnect box or indoor power switch needs to be checked.

Evaporator Fan kit needing replacement:

Evaporator Fan kit replacement

One of the problems with fridge not making noise but light on can be your evaporator fan is not working. If that’s so then your freezer will start to defrost.


The only solution to fix it is by replacing the evaporation fan kit. If it’s not replaced then the whole ice will start to melt eventually causing your stored food to go to waste.

Condenser Coils are stuck:

fridge Condenser Coils stuck

One of the main reasons for fridge not working but light is on is the condenser coil is stuck. It can be filled with dust, dirt, or the dim. And it being stuck causes problems in the airflow.


It can only be fixed by cleaning it thoroughly. To do so, you should turn off your refrigerator first, and at the back of it, you’ll find the coil clean it delicately and intensely, and re-start the refrigerator.

Thermostat Needing Replacement:

fridge Thermostat replacement

If there are constant temperature shifts, high electricity bills, defective thermostat reads, or fluctuation in the thermostat then its mandatorily needs to replace. And to the problems like; fridge not cooling but light is on. The problem can be with the thermostat.


Replacing a thermostat might not be rocket science. But you do need to be professional to fix it. So, it is recommended to get it replaced by professionals. Or watch any authentic tutorial if doing it by yourself. In either situation don’t forget to switch off the refrigerator.

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Defrost System not Working

Defrost System fridge issue

Other than problems like “my fridge not cooling” there can be a problem like defrost system not working. And fixing it is again very crucial. Because defrosting is as important as cooling it.


It can be fixed by resetting the fuse of the defrost sensor which a part of refrigerator. And it becomes necessary to replace it if the fuse blows. it’s a really simple process, just purchase from any nearby hardware store & attach.

Miniature Circuit Breaker Issue:

Circuit breaker issues may be miniature or major, it can be a serious problem. As it can damage the whole refrigerator, give electrical short, or even cause a fire. And miniature circuit breaker can also stop the fridge from cooling.


The breaker should be replaced. Other than that helps from professional electricians should be taken. As they know better ways to cope up with such situations.

Some Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some tips & frequently asked questions that we hope will help you even more. So here they are below.

How do I clean the coils on my fridge?

You can clean it with a vacuum, duster, or refrigerator coil brush.

Will Dirty coils affect cooling?

Yes, it does affect it majorly. It is one of the reasons of fridge’s not cooling but the light is on.

What is the estimated cost to replace the evaporator coil?

If the refrigerator stopped running no sound as a problem occurred. It might need to replace an evaporator coil. On average it cost somewhat between $100 to $440.

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