Fridge Not Cooling But Freezer Works 〚8 Issues & Fixes〛

 A fridge is one of those essential products of the home without which you can’t even survive for a single day. It has become common to face issues like fridge not cooling but the freezer working just fine. The most important task is to find the problem and troubleshoot the issue as soon as possible. 

The core aim to write this guide is to tell you how to solve the problem of freezer works but not fridge. In the following sections, we have enlisted a few issues as well as the way to fix them briefly. Just go through the list and find the problem in your refrigerator and then solve the problem.

There are multiple problems that might be at the back of the above-mentioned problem. It might be possible that there is a compressor issue in your refrigerator that is making the fridge useless but the freezer is beneficial for you. Whatever the issue, we’re here to address each & every aspect of the problem & provide fixes for each of them.

 So Let’s Dive In! 

Fridge Not Cooling but Freezer Works 2022

Why is my freezer working but not my fridge? It might be possible that your fridge has some problems inside the motor or any of its parts have been damaged due to an unintentional hit. In short, there might be many reasons due to which you may be facing fridge not cooling but freezer works problem.

In the upcoming sections, we have enlisted the issues one by one with the method to get the problem solved. Check out the list and get rid of this problem now.

How do you fix a warm fridge and cold freezer?

fix a warm fridge

It all depends on the problem that your fridge has. You need to analyze the fridge properly in every possible way to find out the issue. It may be simple to find out the issue due to which fridge not working but freezer is.

Motor requiring cleaning or damage

Motor requiring cleaning or damage

The very first step is to check out the motor fitted in your refrigerator. It has been seen that mechanics have found an issue in this part in most of the cases. To do this, you must first analyze it from a cleaning point of view.

Secondly, you should check the motor of the fridge and all its equipment. Keep in mind that you only have to take notice of physical parts that can be accessed easily. For this, you can pick up the manual guide for customers and check all the sections of the motor carefully.


If the motor or its fans are not cleaned properly, you should do it on a priority basis. It is because the fan filled with dust particles will not let the fridge cool. To clean the motor, you have to pick a soft cloth and rub it carefully on all the parts of the motor.

Similarly, if you have found an issue with the motor equipment or found some damaged parts, you should replace them or fix them properly. You can do it manually if possible just by replacing the parts. Additionally, you should ask a mechanic to repair the motor if it has some other issues in its working.

Condenser coils need cleaning

Condenser coils need cleaning

Do you know what is the main equipment that cools the refrigerator? Yes, it is the condenser that does this task for you. So, if you are facing any issue related to the refrigerator not working but freezer is, you have to check the condenser coils.

It might be possible these are not cleaned or fitted properly. Normally, it happens when you have not checked this part for a long time. Check out the solution of this problem we have listed here.


According to technicians, it is important to clean condenser coils within a period of every six months. If you have not cleaned it yet, just follow these techniques to solve the issue.

  • Switch off the fridge or unplug it from the socket
  • Get panels of condenser off from the body
  • Remove the power cable
  • Use a vacuum cleaner carefully to remove the dust from the coils
  • Fit the panels properly
  • Turned on the fridge and analyze it again

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Defrost system not working


If we say that defrost system is the most complex system of the fridge, it might be right. The reason is many equipment are attached to this single system. So, you may have to face some hurdles while analyzing this system.

But you have to check this part to get an answer to why the fridge is not cold but the freezer is. The main sign to get an idea of whether the problem is in Defrost system is by checking the freezer and fridge back panel. If there is too much ice built, you can say that the problem is in this equipment.


When you have got a problem, you should check the following steps to address the issue. It will help you in resolving the fridge not cooling but freezer works problem.

  • Turn off the fridge
  • Take a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer
  • Use it to melt the ice built at the back of refrigerator
  • Now, check your defrost cycle
  • Set it to the timer shown in your consumer manual
  • It will help you in preventing this problem in future

Air vents are blocked

Air vents BLOCKAGE

If your fridge has this problem, it might be possible that the problem will be solved when you have done the previous step. It is because air vents will be blocked only when there is too much ice in the back panel of the fridge. But if it is not solved yet, you can follow this fixture method to get the problem solved.


Here are the steps that you need to follow while the freezer works but fridge doesn’t.

  • Switch off the appliance
  • Unplug from the socket to avoid current shocks
  • Use a dryer to remove the ice from every part of the fridge
  • If you don’t have it, keep it turned off for a while
  • Clean the appliance thoroughly from inside
  • All air vents will be unblocked and the fridge will start cooling properly

Fridge not getting enough power

REFRIGERATOR not getting enough power

Another issue that might be there when you are facing the fridge not cooling but freezer works is the power issue. You must have to analyze this factor and use a power checking meter for this task. The manual guide will have the minimum power quantity that your fridge must-have.


  • Make sure to check the plug or wire of the fridge
  • Repair the socket or any damage if found in the wire
  • Ask your service provider to streamline the power for your space

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Voltage fluctuation


Sometimes, it happens when your fridge is not getting enough voltage to work smoothly. In such a case, you may be facing issues like the refrigerator not working but freezer is. Here are the steps to check and solve the issue.


  • Grab a voltmeter
  • Connect it with the switch
  • Check the voltage value
  • Normally, it must be between 220-240 volts
  • If there is fluctuation, turned off the fridge
  • Ask the local technician to check or solve the problem by the service provider

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Door gaskets wearing off

Door gaskets ISSUE

Last but not least problem in our list is that it might be possible that the door gaskets are broken or damaged. You need to check this part critically and properly from top to bottom. If you have found any issues, just keep the following steps in mind to resolve it.


  • Check where the problem is in door gaskets
  • Repair them if possible using reliable tools
  • If not, buy new gaskets and fit them properly
  • Make sure that the doors are properly closed after inserting new gaskets

Fridge compressor running but not cooling

It is the most common issue and you may not be able to solve the fridge not cooling but freezer works problem even with the above solution. In such a case, you need to ask the local technician or the company technicians to come and check the compressor.

By doing this, you will be able to get rid of this problem and enjoy cold drinks on hot summer days. But before that, we recommend you to check the above list that we have discussed for the exact answer to why the fridge is not cold but the freezer is.

Final Say

Normally, the problem might be with the condenser or compressor. In such a case, you should first use our technique mentioned above carefully. If you are unable to find the problem and resolve it, we recommend you to ask a local technician or the company to check your appliance. It is because a minor mistake will make your refrigerator useless.

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