Standard Depth Refrigerator Sticking Out 【Easy Fix】

 If you are reading this article, it means you have bought a new refrigerator, and it came out wider than you imagined. 

Or you have moved to a new place where your refrigerator is strangely different. And now you are not sure if it should be like that. Or if there is something unusual with it. And to be sure, you need to know the kitchen refrigerator depth. Now usually such problems may be fixed with a few changes in furniture placement here & there, but if you already got a space specifically designated for a fridge, then this may be a problem. That’s where we come in to help.

 So Dive Right In! 

Standard Depth Refrigerator Sticking Out (2022 Guide)

No need to worry, as there are a multitude of ways to deal with a standard refrigerator sticking out more than it really should if it should at all. Read on for a detailed guide on how to solve this.

Recess a Refrigerator Into The Wall

Recess Refrigerator In Wall

Yes! You can recess a refrigerator into the wall. Recessing the fridge into the wall is the best solution if you want to hide refrigerators sticking out and increase the available space in the kitchen. For recessing a 36 inches refrigerator, you need a wall with a 37-inch depth. Counter-depth refrigerators have lesser depth. And they fit the wall in the wall and with the countertops.

How Far Can the Refrigerator Stick Out?

Usually, kitchen refrigerators are 32 to 36 inches deep, and their counterparts are about 24 inches deep. It means the refrigerator will stick out 7 inches from the adjoining countertops.

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How Deep Are Refrigerators?

refrigerator depth

It is crucial to know; the kitchen refrigerator depth before purchasing so you can estimate how much the refrigerator will stick out with the adjoining countertops. Usually, the refrigerator’s depth ranges from 24 inches to 36 inches. Almost all refrigerators have the same depth. However, the height and width of the refrigerator are variable.

Will A 36-Inch Refrigerator Fit in A 36-Inch Opening?

A 36-inch refrigerator does not precisely mean 36 inches. Its actual width might be between 35–1/2″ to 35–3/4″ inches, depending upon the manufacturer. So, a 36 inches refrigerator will fit in the 36 inches opening. But it is recommended to leave a 2 inches space around the fridge for the movement of the air.

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How Many Inches Can a Fridge Stick Out?

Counter-depth refrigerator dimensions

Counter-depth refrigerator dimensions help to estimate how much the refrigerator will stick out. The traditional depth of the countertops is 24-26 inches, while the depth of the refrigerators is 24 to 36 inches, excluding the handles. So, under normal conditions, your refrigerators will stick out 9 inches.

How Deep Is a Cabinet Depth Refrigerator?

A cabinet depth refrigerator is for the seamless configuration between the fridge and the kitchen cabinet to give a smooth finish. Usually, the cabinet refrigerators are 24 to 3 inches deep, and the depth of the kitchen counterpart is also the same. The cabinet depth refrigerator will give a uniform profile to your kitchen.

How Far Should a Fridge Stick Out Past the Counter?

fridge sticking out too much

Usually, the fridge sticks out 9 inches on the countertops because of the difference in depth. This sticking-out look destroys the uniformity of the kitchen. Ideally, the fridge should not stick more than 2 inches from the countertops. To avoid the refrigerator sticking out, buy the cabinet depth refrigerator.

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